Monday, June 29, 2009

This, That and the Other Thing

The storm that blew through the area - was it Thursday? - took down half of a tree in my front yard. It pretty much split in half. It's too bad, because it was a nice tree. Fortunately, the part that's left standing, still looks OK - not too weirdly shaped or anything. Now that I'm thinking of it, I should take a couple of pictures of the part that fell down before I get around to cutting it up...

Saturday was a beautiful day - I got *so* much done around the house - it was great.

Sunday's rain messed up my plans for the day.

I made an appointment to have my truck looked at again tomorrow and hopefully pass inspection. Except the Check Engine light went on again on my way home from work today. I can't wait to see how much it's going to cost me now :(

Going back to Saturday - it was the first full day the chickens spent outside. Before that, they have only been out for a few hours at a time - from when I got home from until it got dark. When they came in, they totally zonked. I thought for sure that after spending a *whole* day outside they wouldn't be able to wait to come in sleep.


I got them inside, and The Ladies were not happy at all. After a couple of hours of them totally not settling down, back outside they went. They haven't been back inside since. At night I have to make sure that they are in the coop on their perch, but once there, they have been settling in nicely. I still think they are still too little, and it's not warm enough to go outside permanently, but I guess they would know better than me what makes them happy.

I'm kind of bummed tho', because I don't have anything to show on my webcam now. I really liked having it. I am going to see if I can find an affordable wireless webcam somewhere. Hopefully I can and then set up something so The Ladies can be watched outside. I'm crossing my fingers!

And speaking of The Ladies, I finally have names for them. After the tenth person asked me if I named them (which I hadn't) I got together with my sister and she helped figure out names that I'm happy with. I still probably won't use them - they will still be The Ladies to me - but at least they will have names :)

The New Hampshires: Cocoa and Cinnamon
The Cochins: Banana and Nugget
The Red Stars: Pumpkin and Granola

I think that they all fit. Especially Banana.

Harper's Island - The finale is in two weeks. I am sooooo enjoying this show. I'm not a big fan of slasher shows, but there have been so many twists and turns, I can put up with the gore. Every time I thought I had something figured out, I was wrong. I love that. Shows and movies that are easy to figure out just aren't fun. The cliffhangers at the end of each episode have been great, too. I think the writers did a fantastic job with the show - it's going to be a shame to see it come to an end. I wish there were more quality shows like this on TV.

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