Friday, February 12, 2010

My Knife

Growing up, we had a knife in our kitchen drawer that was my absolute favorite.  It’s handle felt good in my hand.  The blade had the right amount of give to it.  Everything it spread always looked good.  I used it to put peanut butter and jelly on my sandwiches, I used it to spread mayonnaise and Nutella and marshmallow fluff.  I used it to frost cupcakes and Christmas cookies…  it was a really great knife.

When I ‘grew up’ and moved out, I missed that knife.  Whenever I was in a store that sold kitchen supplies, I would poke around to see if they sold knives like my Mom’s so that I could get one of my own.  Over twenty years I’ve been looking and hadn’t been able to find one 

A few weeks ago, Stephanie of Please, Stop Bouncing fame wrote a post about odd and useless kitchen gadgets, where I happened to mention the coveted knife.

Lo and behold, she found it online!

Guess what was delivered today? 

My knife!


And evidently my knife isn’t really a knife – it’s a spatula  rolleyes 

I had ordered a couple and now I feel my life is almost complete wee

Thanks Stephanie!

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You're more than welcome!
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