Monday, February 15, 2010

Where Do They Come From?

So how come Google can pass out everyone’s private information, but I can’t find out why one of my blog pages is getting so many hits?

For some reason this page is very popular from other parts of the world and I have no idea why.  It would be really nice to be able to see which picture is the one that people like.  None of the pictures on that page are close to being good, much less great.  So the only thing I can surmise is that a lot of people either like beets a whole lot or they like looking at chicken butts.

When I try to follow the referring image, all I get is this:

Google page


Another page that I am getting a lot (‘lot’ being a relative term rolleyes )of hits on is the one I wrote on my visit to the Pendleton Castles.  Some of the visitors have come through a Google search, which makes sense (evidently Google lets you see search words, but not the pictures that people used?), but a lot of the referring urls are through Facebook.  As I’ve mentioned before, I am not a heavy user of Facebook and I definitely didn’t post anything there about the castles.  When I tried to follow the link to see where it came from, I get sent to the Buffalo Powder Keg Festival page.  Weird.  I don’t mind it at all, but I would love to know how that blog page got referenced on Facebook.

Oh well – I guess that I should be grateful that my pages are being referenced somewhere laughing


Becky said...

Sometimes if you hover over the link you can see which picture is drawing attention. I preferred it when you could click and get the picture involved.

I sent the castles thing to a few friends via email as a potential warm weather outing, but not on fb.

I keep getting hits from "Asia" regarding historical museums. After that one local bunch got busted I deleted the layout of the Clarence Museum every place I could think of. Maybe the Asia thing is a mask address - don't know.

Jill said...

Becky - you are so smart about everything!

You're right about the hovering thing - the .jpeg was buried in the middle of the link. I think it was better when you could just click on the link too... It turns out that the popular picture is the one of Nugget - only chicken picture on the page that isn't a chicken butt :)

Thanks for sharing the castle link - I *am* happy to see it go around because it is such a unique local treasure :) I'm thinking about going again in the summer time too... I've been told that the grounds look very different at the different times of the year, so of course I want to see!

And yes! That page been getting a lot of hits from Asia, too - Russia specifically. I like to think that I'm computer savvy, but I guess I'm just fooling myself... I don't know anything about mask addresses or tracking down IP addresses or any of that stuff. Hopefully there are just a lot of people in Russia who like looking at my chicken...

Thanks again for another of your sage comments :)