Thursday, February 11, 2010

This ‘n That

  • Since The New York State Golden Snowball Award site has expanded and now also brings us the Golden Snow Globe site (the snowiest city in the United States contest), things have gotten even more interesting in the world of snow…  It’s hard to believe that Baltimore, Maryland is at the top of the list with the most snowfall to date in the U.S. -  More than Buffalo or Syracuse.  More than anyplace in Colorado or Maine.  More than even Alaska blink  


  • Psychologists at Cambridge’s Autism Research Center created a test to measure autistic traits in adults.  A score of 16.4 was average and eighty percent of those diagnosed with autism or a related disorder scored 32 or higher.  I scored a 15 – I guess I’m OK 




  • I’m guess that I’m probably the only person in the world that didn’t know that duct tape had help save the lives of the astronauts on the Apollo 13.  I was only six years old at the time, but you’d think I would have heard the story sometime during the three-plus decades that followed  rolleyes .  Anyway, I guess that duct tape was standard equipment for the Apollo missions.  Check out this page to learn more about the symbiotic relationship between NASA and duct tape.  Good stuff.

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