Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bullet Wednesday

  • Don't you hate when someone makes a rule and then someone else doesn't follow it and then the person who made the rule says "That's OK, you can do whatever you want" and then you look stupid because you were trying to follow the rule before you knew it didn't matter?
  • Don't you hate when other people can get away with bad behavior and as much as you want to retaliate, you can't bring yourself to stoop to that level? Why is it that the people who can fix the problem don't seem to see what's going on? I hate being a doormat. But I hate being a crybaby/tattletale even more.
  • Don't you hate that it's getting dark so early now? Or at least it seems to be getting a lot sooner.
  • Look at how many beans I got from one bean plant! And there are still a few more that are growing. Wow! It makes me sad for the plants that never got to grow - I would have had enough beans to feed a small third-world country :)

  • Don't you just love a big campfire on a pleasant September evening? This past week and half has been so pleasant weather-wise... I think I've had more campfires the past two weeks than I have all summer. I wish the whole summer could have been this way!
  • Do you know how hard it is to cut your lawn when your chickens are out and they are not afraid of the lawnmower? Then again, they don't seem to be afraid of much :)

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