Thursday, September 24, 2009


I got the first egg from my chickens today!

It's on the small side, but still perfectly shaped and a beautiful dark brown color. It was even laid in one of the nesting boxes. I have such good chickens :)

Because the egg was laid while I was at work I can't be sure which chicken laid it, but I suspect that it was Pumpkin - one of my Red Stars. For the past week or so, she's been very submissive and clingy. She would follow me wherever I went when I was outside - once she tried to follow me back into the house... I could be wrong, but she's the one I suspect.

I knew something was up when I got home from work and saw their pen - there was a ton of wood shavings from the coop out there and evidence of an abnormal amount of scratching on the ground.. And in the coop, I keep my cleaning bucket and scraper hanging on the wall - they were on the ground. It appears to have been an exciting time for all the chickens while the first egg was being laid :) It makes me even more want to find a way to get the Chicken Cam working outside so I can see what the heck they are up to when I am at work.

And the funniest thing is the fact that just today, one of my co-workers was asking me if I had gotten any eggs from my chickens yet. Go figure.