Saturday, September 5, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

At my old job I hated holidays. Holidays meant working and working longer hours. I am now among the masses that actually gets holidays off. I like holidays now :)

Today I had a nice relaxing afternoon at a picnic. I met some new people and learned more about people I already knew. I've been under a lot of personal stress lately and today did my soul a lot of good. I also learned that a turkey can be cooked in a garbage can! I don't eat meat, but it did smell good and everyone said it was juicy and delicious. I want to see if I can talk my Mom or sister (depending on where Thanksgiving is this year) into trying the same thing.

Tomorrow I have another picnic planned, which I am also looking forward to going to.

This week I managed to get a couple decent pictures of the chickens playing with the Stupid Garden Eating Rabbits (or are the rabbits playing with the chickens?)

OK - is this the weirdest thing or what?

I guess I should be happy that they all get along :)

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