Monday, December 14, 2009

Death Calculator???

I have a Facebook account, and admittedly I really don’t do too much on it.  I play Farm Town, but that’s about it.  I prefer blogging to updating my ‘status’ - I think there is more substance to a blog and I find blogs a whole lot more interesting.

That being said, I did some poking around this weekend.  It’s amazing how many requests can pile up when you don’t look at them for months weeks. I found a couple funny quizzes I took and I also decided to check my horoscope.  This is what I got:

Death Calculator????

OK – can someone explain to me why they would put a Death Calculator on the side bar (or anywhere else for that matter)???  Who would design such a thing?  Who wants to know when they are going to die?  Who would ever click on that button????

Not me!

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