Saturday, December 12, 2009


Downtown Lockport is so pretty with the holiday decorations up along Main Street.  I think that the bedecking is even more appreciated when times aren’t so good.  I also had the chance to drive down Main Street in Clarence and through downtown Batavia, both of which are all decorated for the Christmas season, too.  I just love seeing the streets all festive!


“You have to see the Christmas decorations at this house…”, my sister said while visiting her. 

“OK.”, I said.  I’m always up for some holiday merriment.

So we jumped into the car and took a ride to house that was pretty much around the corner from her house (relatively speaking for someone who lives out in the middle of farm country, anyway).

Wow.  That’s the word that pretty much summed up my reaction at the house on Fargo Road in Batavia    This house rivals pretty much anything that is up in Niagara Falls – either present day Canadian side or past American side!

If I had to take a guess, the family here must have at least five or six acres and it is just totally covered with Christmas and holiday lights.  There are trees and trains, Santas and snowmen… all kinds of lighted displays.  The entrance to the property is so inviting, you can’t stop yourself from smiling.

There is a lot of frontage property, so you can see a ton of the displays from the road – but it looked like people were allowed to walk the property if they wanted.  We saw lots of people walking around.  And if that weren’t enough, there was Christmas music playing from an outside loudspeaker somewhere.  Even enjoying the sight from the car, we felt the holiday spirit in the air.

I can’t even begin to imagine how long it takes to put the whole display up, but my sister said that she heard that they start some time shortly after Halloween.

I took some pictures, but I found this link that put my pictures to shame (but in my defense, I was taking the pictures across the street from the car).  If you happen to be out in Batavia after dark, make sure you take a ride down Fargo road!

*Update* – I found this link with more details on the DiSalvo’s yearly Christmas display.  They seem like really super people!

Holiday Lights


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