Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Without exactly pinpointing my age (let’s just say that I’ve been around over three four decades) – I was admitted to a hospital for the first time in my life. I was hooked up to my first IV ever.  It wasn’t as scary as it looks on TV.

I went into the hospital in more pain than I have ever been in my life.  I know that time dulls the memory of pain, but I really don’t remember my abscessed tooth/root canal being anywhere near the pain I was in over the weekend.  If you have a choice – don’t go for the kidney/bladder infection.  It’s nowhere near as much fun as it sounds.

Especially if you have no income and no health insurance.

I’m still not feeling that great, but still leaps and bounds better than I was.  I hope I’m sure once the antibiotics are more underway, I’ll start feeling like myself again. 

All that being said, I have to say that the doctor and nurses at St. Joe’s Hospital were wonderful.  It took forever to get admitted (or maybe it just seemed that way when I was nearly passing out from the pain), but once I got a bed, everyone was really good.  I don’t know if being in the hospital can ever be considered a pleasant experience, but I guess mine was as pleasant as it could be.

But it’s an experience I don’t ever want to repeat.

And a huge thank you to the person who invented pain-killers 

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