Sunday, December 20, 2009


I have been faithfully getting two eggs a day from my Red Star chickens, Granola and Pumpkin.  I know that one of my New Hampshires has been trying to lay for a while a now, but hasn’t been quite there yet – there have been quite a few shell-less eggs on the roost.  Well today I think everything fell into place for Cocoa – there were three perfect eggs in the nesting box this morning    I guess we’ll see this week if she really figured it out… 

I love the color of the eggs my Ladies lay…

Bee-yoo-tiful Eggs!

I had to bribe The Ladies with some scratch to be relatively still for some pictures today…

PumpkinPumpkin – one of my faithful layers – with some snow on her face 

BananaBanana will talk your ear off if you let her

 Fuzzy! I will never worry about these guys getting cold

All Lined UpCocoa is the one on the left – hopefully she will keep laying! 

As a side note, check out the video at Mike’s Pub – If you’ve never seen Silent Monks sing, you’re really missing something!


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