Friday, February 5, 2010

…And Then There Were Four

I think Pumpkin finally figured it out 

Four Eggs!


The lighter egg is from Pumpkin.  I’ve noticed that when the chickens are new to laying, the first few eggs are a lot lighter in color before they go to the nice rich brown color.

So the only two chickens that aren’t laying yet are Banana and Nugget.  I’ve read that cochins take longer to mature, so I expect that they will probably start up in the spring.

I should now be getting two dozen eggs a week, which is a lot more than my family or I can reasonable go through.  I would love to sell the extra, but I have no idea how to go about it.  I’ve seen people sell them in stands in front of their house, but to me that doesn’t seem very practical for only a couple dozen eggs.  The same goes for putting an ad in the Metro paper like I’ve seen.  I’ll have to figure something out before I get buried in eggs  laughing

Anyway, the Ladies have become One with winter and the cold and snow don’t seem to be a big deal to them anymore.  They do like when I shovel the snow all the way down to the grass for them tho’… I guess cold, frozen grass and clover must still taste good…

Snack Time!


Cocoa on the Prowl


Mmmm Mmmm Good!









Seeing Double 


Tasty Shoes?

For some reason, the Ladies seem to be fascinated with my shoes.  They always have to see if they are good to eat or not – they seem to forget every time they see them  rolleyes


Unknown said...

Silly question time... do brown eggs taste different than white eggs? Anything nutritionally different?

Eggs are good for making cakes and cookies.

Jill said...

Stephanie - it's not a silly question at all... I wondered the same thing before I got my chickens :)

There isn't any difference in taste or nutritional value between white eggs and brown eggs. As a general rule, white chickens will lay white eggs and brown chickens will lay brown eggs.

Where you *will* find a difference is between store bought eggs and free-range farm chicken eggs...

The free-range eggs have a more orangey yolk and are a lot more viscous than store eggs. The taste is also different - most people seem to prefer the taste of the farm eggs better. The difference in taste has to do with the difference in diet between commercially raised chickens and farm chickens.

I also like to think that farm eggs taste better than commercial eggs because the farm chickens are happier :P

I bake with my eggs as much as I can... but one can still only use so many eggs LOL!

Unknown said...

Well thank you!
I was going to ask if brown chickens laid brown eggs, but I was reminded of "do brown cows give chocolate milk?".

Now those eggs places on the side of the road will be even MORE irresistible...

Perhaps a spring/summer-yard-sale-weekend-adventure is due for the Northtowns...

Jill said...

Let me know when you are out Lockport way and I'll be sure to set you up with some fresh eggs :)