Thursday, April 1, 2010

Buffalo ReUse

I’ve been looking for some pavers for the chicken pen. After the snow melted, it was pretty muddy in there for a while – a situation which needs to be remedied. While The Ladies love playing in the mud, I don’t think it’s such a good idea for them to spend too much time in it when we have wet weather.

I’ve been pricing pavers and patio blocks, and the cost can add up really fast – even at Mr. Seconds.

So yesterday I decided to take a ride out to the Buffalo ReUse’s ReSource store to see if they had anything that I could use and afford. Yay! A new home store and a new adventure for me 

I haven’t been to that area of Buffalo since the Bisons stopped playing at War Memorial Stadium (I had season tickets)… and Wow - the area sure has changed! It’s looks tons better than it did ‘back in the day’ laughing 

The store was really easy to find and I had a lot of fun looking around there. I was totally amazed at the stuff they had there that was salvaged from old houses. If you are looking for an old door to refinish or trying to match up a table leg or chair spindle – this is the place for you! There were some new items there, but mostly reclaimed items. This place would be heaven for someone who likes to take something old, refinish it and then use it or sell it. There were a few steamer trunks there that I would have loved to take home (only $20 each!), except I really don’t have a place where I could put one. They had plumbing parts, electrical parts, lights, shutters, windows, doors, all kinds of hardware, cabinets, hardwood flooring, siding, cement blocks, bricks, pavers… definitely a great place for ‘treasure’ hunters. I also have to mention how really great the people working there are… friendly and helpful just doesn’t seem to cover it.
Anyway, I scored on some pavers. woot I got 72 - 8 x 16” patio pavers for only $49 (including tax). They were used and some were chipped – but still perfectly usable for what I wanted. They didn’t even charge me for the chipped blocks, which I thought was very cool of them. If I would have gotten the exact same pavers from Lowes brand new – it would have cost me over $108. Saving almost $60 isn’t anything to sneeze at for sure

I think that the idea of what the organization and the store embody is great and I will definitely be revisiting the ReUse store!

And please go to the Green Works facebook page and vote for Buffalo ReUse. They are one of five finalists in the Green Heroes Grant Program sponsored by Clorox Green Works, along with the Jane Goodall Institute, to recognize individuals, organizations, and schools that are making their communities greener. The winner will receive $15,000 and the runner-up $5000. Voting is open until April 18th, and you can vote once a day.


Some chipped, but still usable  :)

Guess what I’ll be working on this weekend rolleyes

As a side note, this just seems soooo wrong….

Perry's Chicken Wing Ice Cream
 From Perry's:
The wait is over! Check out our newest flavor creation: Buffalo Chicken Wing! Hot Buffalo Wing Sauce Ice Cream drizzled with Blue Cheese and Real Chicken Pieces. For a limited time, it comes with an extra celery pack for dipping. Your favorite snack is now a dessert!


Unknown said...

I adore Buffalo ReUse.
Over near that Wegmans on Grant/Amherst there's a Habitat for Humanity Restore which is kind of similar, but they have paint.
Makes me miss my old house in Riverside.

Jill said...

I knew that there was a re-use store by Wegmans, but I thought it was the one I went to, except that they moved... I'll definitely have to make a point of visiting that one too!