Friday, April 16, 2010

Growing – or Not

I really liked my tulips…


 …and if you look closely – it looks like someone else was liking them too.


 REALLY liking them 


Eaten Tulips


…but none of my daffodils were touched.  I guess I’ll just stick with daffodils from now on  shrug  


The culprit?  Either

   Rabbit   or   Deer 

But on the brighter side of things…

Last Sunday I planted seeds to get my garden started.  I jumped off the idea from Dave at The Door Garden.  While my setup isn’t even close to being as fancy as Dave’s, it seems to be working.  Yesterday a lot of the seeds started coming up… here’s what they are looking like today:


Yay!  I’m very encouraged and hope to have a really high germination rate…  I am soooo looking forward to a garden full of tasty goodness 

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