Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This ‘n That Tuesday

  • I’m not digging the new Doctor so far. And they changed the opening music – I like the original better. I know it’s only been the first episode, but I really don’t think that Matt Smith fits the part. The story was good, but I want David Tennant back. Wah!

  • I think I may have beaten the starlings this year… so far so good. So far no starlings in my hallway. So far no starlings in my dryer vent. So far no starlings in my shed. I’m keeping my fingers crossed! crossed fingers

  • Why do guys all think that anything having to do with farts is funny?

  • The garbage man isn’t going to like me tomorrow. I’ve been busy cleaning up my yard this week. Anyone who knows my property, knows that the previous owners left a lot to clean up. I do know that they did clean up a lot, so things could be a lot worse, but there is still a lot left… This year I’m going to make an extra effort to get more cleaned up than I normally do. With the nice weather, I’ve made a lot of headway – yay me!

  • I’ve been hitting a lot of good numbers on my odometer lately. Today I passed 151515

  • After a lot of experimenting, Downy really is the best fabric softener – it gets everything way softer than any other fabric softener on the grocery store shelf. It is more expensive, but in this case you get what you pay for. The only thing with Downy tho’ – don’t pour it directly on your clothes because it will stain them…

  • My seedlings are doing good so far. The only things that haven’t come up yet are my pumpkins, watermelon and peppers. If they don’t start coming up this week, I’m going to put in some new seeds…

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