Monday, April 12, 2010

Rolling Fields

Oh beautiful,
For spacious skies,
For amber waves of grain…


OK – got the picture in your head?  Rolling fields of wheat, with their golden stalks swaying to and fro in the wind – mesmerizing you with their dance as they wait to be harvested.  Ah, a picture of the heart of America…


Now change that picture a little - Color the golden brown wheat a medium green instead.

Now make the wheat a little bit shorter – say, in the 2 – 5” range.

Now change the wheat into chives.

Now you know what my lawn looks like.


I have to cut my grass this week.


I wish there was a way to eradicate chives besides digging them all up 

But at least they are only an issue in the spring 


Unknown said...

we put the snowblower in "summer storage" yesterday and it felt GREAT.
However, that meant I was mowing the lawn and that lost it's thrill really quick.

Did you see onions/scallons coming up already?!

Jill said...

In word Steph - Yes! They are worse than dandelions - they are *all over* my lawn... I tried taking pictures, but they really didn't do justice to how bad it really looks.

But like I said, this is pretty much the only time of year it's a problem - thank goodness :)

I cut my lawn today. I now smell like onions. I don't like onions :P