Monday, November 5, 2007

Golden Snowball

It looks like it's a pretty sure thing that we will be getting some snow this week. I was hoping to get my lawn cut one last time before the cold weather settled in for good. I guess it will just have to wait for spring :) Speaking of snow, The New York State Golden Snowball Award Contest web site is up and running again for the new winter season. After the October Surprise last year, I thought we would have at least been in the top two, but no such luck. It will be fun to see how Buffalo does this year. I mean, if we're going to get the snow anyway, we may as well have fun with it, right? :)

I can't believe what a hard time I am having tonight.... I have so much to say, but can't come up with anything to write. Is this what it is like to have writer's block? If it is... Ugh.


Anonymous said...

It should be a fun season as always Jill and we are all looking forward to seeing Buffalo give us some competition this year in DaCuse area. No doubt last season was a heart breaker for Buffalo with that big jump you got on all of us. I think it's time for a new winner and most likely it will come down to either Rochester or Buffalo being the city to finally dethrone Syracuse. Good Luck ;)

As for writers block I'm in the same boat. Not so much at the GSB site but another one that I have started up several times and just go blank after a post or two :( I just started it up again and the same thing is happening. Great blog BTW and I need to start doing some research on what the heck Geocaching is. Whatever it is it has to be good because it gets you out in the wilderness. I'm a picture nut and I love the ones you have posted on here Jill. Keep em coming :)

Jill said...

Wahoo - The first comment on my blog! Thank you for the kind words Patrick :)

I'm hoping the writer's block thing doesn't happen too often ~crossing my fingers here~ And if you ever want any more info on Geocaching after checking out the link on my page, just let me know. I'd be more than happy to answer any questions you have... Geocaching is definitely a lot of fun!

We are off to a good start in the Snowball contest... hopefully we won't have as disappointing ending here like last year :P