Friday, November 16, 2007


I hate shopping. I hate people being in my way. I hate rude people. I hate little kids running wild, unsupervised, through the store. I hate not finding what I want right away. I hate the way people drive in the parking lot. I hate the time that I waste when I have to shop. And it's all compounded during the holidays. Ugh. I try to avoid shopping as much as possible, but it's just one of those things that we can't escape. Today I had to go to three stores to finally find a(n overpriced) vacuum cleaner filter. And naturally that last store had all the vacuum cleaner stuff was in a really stupid part of the store, so it took forever to find. Honestly - why would the vacuum cleaners be in the electronics section of the store??? And I don't mean near the electronics section - I mean in the electronics section. Right between the stereos and the computer stuff. I'd love to know what they were thinking when they made out that plan-o-gram. Anyway, I really don't want to even think about Christmas shopping. If I was smart, I'd start now and order everything online. Unfortunately, I have a tendency to procrastinate and usually don't leave myself enough time for the shipping...

A couple of days ago, I changed tables that I have my computer on. The old one was white. This one is brown. Evidently cordless mouses don't like brown table tops. I hate using a mouse pad, but I think I'm going to have to get one. This stupid mouse is driving me crazy by not moving 75% of the time. And yes, I did put fresh batteries in it. As I said, I hate using a mouse pad, but I'm not switching tables again. Moving everything was a pain. I refuse to do it twice in a week's time :)

On a lighter note, I can't believe that next week is Thanksgiving already. This year is going to be the first year I can remember that I will actually have Thanksgiving Day off from work. It's still going to be a busy - and maybe nerve wracking - day, but I won't be working, and that's all that matters :)

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