Monday, November 19, 2007


Good news! I figured out my mouse problem. Thank goodness. I think that the receiver was too close to other electronic junk and that's why it was all wonky. After moving it, my mouse is back to its regular self. I really didn't want to have to use a mouse pad. Yay :)

Buffalo has already dropped to third place in the New York State Golden Snowball Award Contest. Depending on how you look at it, this could be a good thing or a bad thing. Personally, I'm OK with that for now. I wouldn't mind hanging back until we get closer to Christmas. I'd like to see snow on Christmas day and then we can get as much snow as it takes to win the contest afterwards. We don't have to win by an extra twenty feet... just an inch or two over the second place city would be just fine with me. I'm guessing most people don't, but I would really like to see Buffalo win for once. We already have the reputation. We may as well have a trophy to go along with it.

Buffalo Pundit
posted about Complaints Choirs. I found this idea a lot of fun and something that everyone could relate to. Here's the trailer the Chicago group made. If you look at the related videos on the page, you can see a whole bunch of videos other cities have made. All the ones I watched were pretty entertaining. I can't sing worth a darn, but I'll bet that I could come up with a lot of ideas for a song. Especially about stupid drivers.

I have a crazy week ahead of me. The action is going to be pretty much non-stop until Sunday. But it should be all good (I hope). Saturday is going to be kind of a stressful day for me, but I think the toughest part this week is having to be at work two hours earlier than normal twice this week. It's good in that we'll get home earlier. However, I think that it's going to feel like we're going to lose a lot more than two hours sleep. Kind of like changing back to Standard Time.

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