Monday, May 17, 2010

Another Crazy Story

OK – this is going to be one of those “Are  you serious????” weeks – I can tell already!

Are they kidding me with this story????

…Wildlife biologists say an initiative to preserve New England Cottontail rabbits will branch out into New York, Rhode Island, and Maine.




There are so many of these guys around, it’s not even funny!  I had to buy fencing to keep them out of my garden.  I know my Mom can’t even have a vegetable garden or grow certain plants because the rabbits eat them.  I also have a couple other friends that totally gave up on any kind of garden (veggie and flower) because of all the Evil-Garden-Eating-Rabbits they have.  Egads!

Maybe if they were just trying to preserve the Non-Evil, Non-Garden-Eating variety of cottontail rabbits, I wouldn’t mind, but as it is, I think the rabbits are doing just fine on their own rolleyes

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