Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sesame Street

Saturday I joined the family in taking my niece and nephew to Sesame Street Presents: The Body at the Buffalo Museum of Science

I was bracing myself for anticipating a lot of loud, out-of-control kids running around all over the place, but I was pleasantly surprised at what a good experience it was.  When we got our tickets we had to pick a time, so I think that they were limiting the number of people in the room at a time.  We could stay as long as we wanted, but the room, while busy, wasn’t crazy and I think we all had a good time.

My niece and nephew were definitely the cutest kids there…

I sure wish I could walk!           Who's *that* guy?    

The exhibit was set up really well, with a lot of the favorites… Guy Smiley, the Count and among the other stuff was the famous steps at 123 Sesame Street, Mr. Hooper’s store and a kind of squishy obstacle course thing that was a favorite with the kids. They also had a huge nose that sneezed on you when you stood under it and pulled a lever.   My sister was the only one brave enough to try that one  rolleyes 

... with the sugar tax, that comes to...         I love my cauliflower and carrots!

It was supervised pretty well with museum people helping the kids all over and constantly wiping everything down with (what I imagine was) sanitizer.   One of the things I think they were missing was people dressed up as the characters walking around.  It would have been really neat for the kids to meet Big Bird or Oscar the Grouch…

At any rate, I survived it a lot better than I thought I would have 


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