Saturday, May 22, 2010

Video Day

Today is video day (mostly)!


  • I discovered that the UB Peregrine Falcon webcam also has a streaming video webcam… it’s waaaay better than the 6-second photos that they had before!  I’ve updated the link in my sidebar 

 The babies are getting big!


  • Did you know how slow you run?  I wish I could try this, I’d love to see how I rate – this is good!
  • Power Dolls brought to a whole new level…  laughing
  • … And on a non-video note – one of the Mrs. Robins’ has at least one baby    Being that the nests are so close to where I’m in and out all the time, I really try not to pay attention to them so that the Mama Birds are feeling a bit more secure – but today I saw this guy peeking out of one of the nests…

Baby Robin

I haven’t looked inside either nest, so I have no idea how many eggs/babies there were/are, but it was good seeing this guy today!

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