Thursday, May 27, 2010

This ‘n That Thursday

  • I think I’m finally over my bout of food poisoning.  Ugh.  Although one can never be sure exactly what may have caused one’s food poisoning, I suspect it was either the ice cream or the maraschino cherries I had Monday night before going to bed.  After throwing up for over 24 hours straight, I am finally able to eat normally again – yay!

  • A while ago I had bought a bottle of cherry Pepto Bismol because my old stuff was out of date and this stuff was on sale.  I never minded the taste of regular Pepto Bismol, so I thought I’d give the cherry stuff a shot.  It is awful.  And it doesn’t help with food poisoning.  It tastes even worse the second time around   

  • A big thank you to Stephanie for the very funny distraction!  It was nice to have something to concentrate on for a bit besides my couch and my bathroom 

  • I am so far behind on my blogs, TV, housework – everything!  It isn’t even funny.  I won’t even begin to get caught up until this weekend 

  • When I went to feed The Ladies, I got a shaky picture of the baby robins – they are getting big!

Getting Bigger!

  • And speaking of baby birds, I checked in on the UB Peregrine falcon cam for a minute and just happened to catch it when Mama (or maybe Dad?) was feeding what looked like a pigeon to the kids.  Fortunately, or not so – depending on how you look at it - the parent bird had it’s back to the camera blocking the view of the dead animal.  All you could see were the…. ummm…  parts that were being fed to the babies.  The dead animal’s feet made me think it was a pigeon…

  • And while I haven’t really been following much news or anything this week, but I do want to comment on the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  I think that BP is handling the situation as best as any company can.  I think that they are being very open about the whole situation.  They've said that they are going to pay for all the damage and all the reparations for the area and I think that they are doing the best they can to resolve the problem.  And why wouldn’t they?  It makes the most sense business-wise.    From the little bit of news I have listened to, all I hear is Obama saying how unacceptable a job BP is doing.  I’m am just glad that the government isn’t sticking their nose in there, because they would definitely screw up things more and make things way worse than they already are.  FWIW, I think that BP will make good on their promise of cleanup and damages once the oil well is plugged up.  I guess time will tell…



Nic said...

When cherries give you food poisoning, I can only assume that cherry flavoured pepto bismol does not really help things!

Unknown said...

those baby robins grew up FAST!

Jill said...

@ Nic - LOL Touche! Except that the stuff didn't even *taste* like cherries and it was *Bepto Bismol*! It was supposed to soothe an upset stomach :)

@ - Stephanie - I know, amazing isn't it????