Monday, June 7, 2010

Defensive Driving

Today I was going to write about my trip to the post office last week, but that is going to have to be a story for another day.  Instead I’m going to write about the Defensive Driving class I took today.

…So I got to the building a bit early because I was told that they don’t allow stragglers – the doors would be promptly locked at 6:00 so that no one could get in late.  When I arrived, there was one car already parked in the parking lot and one car pulling in ahead of me.  Within seconds, I knew I was going to be aggravated all class.


Parking Lot


Parking Lot


Parking Lot


Parking Lot


It took everything I had not to jump out of my truck and slap this lady on the side of her head and ask her where the hell she learned how to park.  It took her no less than fifteen tries to get in that spot.  In a virtually empty parking lot – which I wouldn’t have cared, except she was totally in my way.  She didn’t need to take a defensive driving class, she needed to take a driving class.

And then once inside, when the sign-in sheet went around, she got it right before me.  I had to wait as she said “Oh, I have to read the list and see if there is anyone I know in the class…” 

tick tock, tick tock…

And, as if I couldn’t have guessed – she was one of those people who had a comment or question for everything the instructor said.  Combine that with chair kicker behind me….

Oh – and did I mention that there were stragglers that came late?

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What I won’t do to save 10% off my car insurance.  And I get to go through it all over again on Wednesday   sigh3


James Erick said...
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James Erick said...

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Unknown said...

and you didn't write down her name to send Vinny and Knuckles after her?!
"Whoopsie, almost got it... just, one, more, whoopsie!"
(For the record, it wasn't me)

Nic said...

So THAT'S where my wife got to yesterday.....

Jill said...

@ James - Sorry, I've already paid for the class I'm taking now - when I'm done, I'll be set for three years... Thank goodness!

@ Stephanie - I didn't want to know her name... I would have been even more aggravated. Ignorance is bliss :)

And I know it couldn't have been you - by reading your posts, we have the same philosophy when it comes to driving. Listening to this lady in class, she's the one we write about (you know - the person driving in the left lane 10 mph under the speed limit...)

@ Nic - Pleeeeeeze tell me you're only kidding!