Saturday, June 12, 2010

Garden Notes

Just some comments about my garden 

This is the first year that everything I have is from seeds I planted and not store bought.  Except for the pumpkins.  I planted two whole packages of seeds and none of them came up.  I’m not having much luck with watermelon either.  I planted two whole packages of seeds of those too and only one came up.  I have another half package planted to try again – I couldn’t find any started at the nurseries I visited… I guess I’m too late and they are all gone already 

I’m pretty happy with the way almost everything is doing so far.  The lettuce seems to be giving me problems, but I’ve never had much luck with lettuce in the past.  I planted iceberg lettuce and Romaine – I don’t really care for Romaine, but I wanted to see how it did compared to the iceberg.  Of course none of the iceberg came up  rolleyes

The cabbage looks like it’s doing good.  This is the first year I’ve tried cabbage and I hope to get a bunch.  It will be nice to fill the Chicken Piñata with home grown cabbage   

I haven’t eaten any strawberries yet.  The birds seem to be beating me to them.  I’m going to see what I can do about  filling in the empty spots from the plants that didn’t make it over the years.  Maybe I just need more plants so that there will be enough for everyone.  I tried putting some volunteer cherry tomato plants in the bare spots, but it doesn’t look like they are going to make it.

The peppers I planted to fill in the rest of the bed just started coming up yesterday.

My sugar snap peas started to flower yesterday.  I hate cooked peas, but I love the raw peas right off the vine – I can’t wait to start picking these guys!

Also, you might have noticed all the green stuff outside the frames of the strawberry bed and the beets-and-peppers bed… that is all dill.  My Mom loves dill, but for some reason it doesn’t grow at her house.  I planted some last year and it is all over the place now.  I guess they don’t call it dill weed for nothing  laughing   Anyway, I decided to let it grow where I really didn’t want it so I would have more to give my Mom.  I do plan to use some myself for making pickles again this year, too.  I figure that if I get it all picked before it goes to seed, I should be OK for next year.  I hope!

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