Tuesday, June 15, 2010

This ‘n That Tuesday

When I was working in the garden after work today (replanting some beets rolleyes ) I spied Baby Bunny #3 - inside my garden fence. Evidently he never got out yesterday with Mama Bunny. Or he did and got back in again… I tried to catch it, but missed just as he escaped into my perennial bed


So knowing that BB3 cannot live inside my garden fence, I put Plan B into effect (Plan A being trying to catch it and put it outside the fence)… I dug out a live animal trap that I had bought years ago to help take care of a woodchuck problem I had at my old house. I’m thinking that there is a slim chance of this working because I don’t think that BB3 weighs enough to set off the trigger, but we’ll see – nothing ventured, nothing gained. Stayed tuned crossed fingers

So starting last week, I’ve been finding tons of cherry pits on top of the bin where I keep The Ladies’ feed. Using my brilliant skills of deduction (and a small mirror), I can confirm that Mama Robin has two more eggs in her nest (which is right above The Ladies’ feed bin). Obviously, robins who have their nest all set and are just waiting around for their eggs to hatch don’t sit in front of the TV eating bon bons. Nope – they sit on their nest eating cherries.

I must have a cherry tree on my property that I don’t know about. I never see Mama Robin fly very far away and it’s always towards my back forty. I’ll have to check it out one of these days…

It looks like there is going to be some kind of construction or something happening on my street soon – they have those car-counter strips across the road in a couple of spots. Ugh.

I just realized that my scrolling blog list doesn’t work right when someone looks at my blog using IE. Do people really use IE anymore? Should I worry about it?

You know when you donate to places and then they send you stuff in the hopes of getting you to keep donating? A few of the places I donate to like to send me calendars. It seems like every year they send them earlier and earlier. I think this year is the earliest I’ve gotten one so far. Last week I received my first calendar for 2011 laughing


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