Monday, June 14, 2010

Just When You Thought Things Were Going OK…

So I came home from work today, and as my normal routine, I let The Ladies out, collected my eggs and cleaned out the coop.  Then I went to the garden to see what needed watering...   My heart sank when I saw this:



All the leaves you see at the top of the bed are just that – leaves.  As in not connected to anything rooted in the dirt.

If you remember, the bed was supposed to look like this:



A deer had hopped my fence and ate most of my beets   

They left me a couple 


You can’t see it in the picture, but there are huge clod-hopping deer tracks going all through the bed. It (they?) even ate a pepper plant and stomped over one of the new seedlings    I was soooooo looking forward to making more Harvard beets this year, too…

Here are where most of the tracks are

Deer Tracks


My corn and cucumber bed was visited too, but fortunately aside from losing a few corn plants, it was relatively unscathed…

More Deer Tracks


And THEN, to top it off  - as I was doing some fixing and watering, you’ll never guess what I saw inside my garden fence.  Go ahead guess.

Yep.   You got it.

A baby bunny.


So I picked it up and put it outside the fence. 

That was the first time I’ve ever heard a rabbit scream.  I wasn’t doing anything to it – I was just holding it.  I guess it was just freaked out and screamed.  It was weird.

So anyway, as I was continuing my fixing and watering, guess what else I saw inside my garden fence.  Yeah.  Another baby bunny.

So I picked it up to put outside the fence - it screamed too.  It’s amazing how loud such a little thing can be  laughing

So I went about my business and of course a third baby bunny shows up.  So I picked it up.  (This one didn’t scream).  I had this bunny in one hand and went to get my camera to get a picture of it and of course it got a away.  I’m sure it hid in my holding bed that is way over-crammed with perennials, and I couldn’t find it again.

Flash forward to later in evening when I got home from a meeting.  I went to check on the garden and guess what I saw inside my garden fence.  Yeah – Mama Bunny (I’m assuming).  So I chased her and saw her go through the hole she chewed through the fence.  Just like Sapphire01 warned me about. 

OK, so they’ve all probably all been inside my garden fence for a while now – but they really haven’t caused any damage.  So far. (Unless they’ve been the ones eating my strawberries instead of the birds)  I definitely give them points for that Happy   But there’s no point in taking any chances, so I put wire fencing along the bottom of plastic fencing – at least most of it (I ran out of the extra stuff I had lying around) .

There’s not much I can do about the deer unless I go to a higher fence (not going to happen – at least not too much higher) or an electric fence.   I really didn’t want to mess with an electric fence, but I may not have a choice.  I guess I’ll have to see what happens…



Anonymous said...

how can things that are so adorbs be so destructive?

We also have buns in our yard and eaten strawberries...

One of the buns took a stroll through the yard, right past Bailey who was staring off into space, probably contemplating how to get more belly rubs. The bunny wasn't even making an effort to get across the yard.
I'd opt for the electric fence.

al l said...

Ive been trying cayenne pepper to keep the critters away. I sprinkle it on pretty liberally (thanks Guercio's bulk spices). So far - its been OK. I just have to remember to keep reapplying it every one and again.

But Im always open to more ideas.

Jill said...

@ stopbouncing - I think that they know that their cuteness makes it easy for them to get away with stuff...

I think that Bailey is smart and *knows* she can't catch the bunny, so why waste the energy trying? Energy is better spent trying to figure out how to get more belly rubs :D

@ al - I've also heard that hot pepper stuff is supposed to be good at keeping unwanteds out of the garden... the only trouble is that I wouldn't keep up on it. I'd be all gung-ho for about a week or two and then I'd either forget or be lazy about it...

Have you tried the hanging-a-tin-pie-plate-on-a-string so that a bunch of them blowing in the wind would scare them off? I'm contemplating trying that, but I'm thinking that if I really want a garden, I'm either going to have to go with a stockade fence (not!) or an electric fence... ~sigh~