Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pendleton Farmers’ Market

What a great holiday weekend it was!  We couldn’t have asked for nicer weather, that’s for sure.  I had lots of family time and lots of ‘me’ time – it was great 


Memorial Day Weekend Fire

Lots of news to catch up on…

First off, I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been volunteering on a town committee.  I think it’s safe to mention it now because the time is close and I don’t think I can jinx anything too much now  laughing  

This year the Town of Pendleton will start sponsoring a farmers' market.   It starts this Thursday and will run until October 28th.  Our market will be different in that it will be striving for 100% "Make It, Bake It or Grow It".  The market is for farm vendors who are primary producers or growers of local agricultural products.  100% of the products offered for sale are grown and/or processed by the farm vendor on New York State lands, mostly from Niagara County.  You can't beat buying right from the farmer! 

Besides fruits and vegetables, the Pendleton Farmers' Market will also feature fresh meats and poultry, including certified Angus, pork, chicken and duck.  Among the other items available will be eggs, maple syrup, organic honey, breads and baked  goods, nursery plants and wines from our own Niagara Wine Trail wineries.  We will also have a Community Group table for local groups to use for fundraising, education and stuff like that.  We have some pretty exciting groups lined up throughout the summer…

The market will be open every Thursday, rain or shine, from 3pm - 8pm right by the water tower next to the Pendleton Town Hall at 6570 Campbell Boulevard in Pendleton, between Bear Ridge Road and Feigle.

We are still working on an official website, so for now we are using Facebook to keep people up-to-date on news and events at the market - you can see the page at


or search Pendleton Farmers Market

You don't have to be a member of Facebook to see the page, so feel free to pass the link around (please do)!

Everyone has been working really hard on this and I am really hoping that everything goes smooth on opening day  crossed fingers   If you happen to be in the Pendleton area on a Thursday evening this summer or fall, I hope you stop by and check out the market 


Other things in the news:

  • I found out that I did not have food poisoning last week.  Evidently there is some kind of stomach bug going around that mimics food poisoning and that’s what I caught.  I know at least three other people who went through the same thing I did throughout the week.  I’m glad to know that I didn’t get sick from ice cream and maraschino cherries  laughing


  • The baby robins have flown the coop, so to speak… they have fledged and the nest is now empty.  Last year I used to see Mom and Dad Robin around the yard with the babies, showing them how to look for food feeding them, but so far I haven’t seen any sign of them hanging around…


  • My neighbor told me to watch out for a cow in my yard.  Evidently one of the cows from the farm next door keeps escaping its pasture.  I kind of hope the cow makes onto my property – how many people can say that they’ve had a rebel cow wandering around their yard?  laughing   As long as it didn’t do any damage  rolleyes


  • Remember the cat I had wandering around my yard that I wanted to get fixed?  My neighbor said he found her dead in his yard    Poor thing.  I’m going to miss seeing her around.  And no, I’m not getting my own cat.


  • I had an adventure in give Banana and Nugget a half-bath this weekend… they were both starting to get a little bit of ‘poopy butt’ and I wanted to take care of it before it got out of hand and really gross.  It wasn’t as harried an experience as I thought it was going to be – I wish I could have taken pictures of the ‘during’, but I didn’t trust The Ladies to sit still in the water by themselves  rolleyes   I thought that Banana – definitely the fiestier of the two would have given me the most problems, but she was super good about it.  I think that she really enjoyed it  laughing  And Nugget, who I figured to just sit there and do nothing, complain non-stop the whole time.  I also learned that Banana is a bigger pig than Nugget.  I hadn’t picked either one up in a while and I can say that Banana is a lot heavier!  We all know what nice soft, fuzzy butts The Girls have normally – well now they would rival any Gund stuffed animal… here is a picture of a couple pretty indignant chicken butts while they are still wet…

Washed Chicken Butts

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