Monday, May 3, 2010

Garden Update

So my plants were getting a bit leggy staying in the basement under their lights, so I decided it was time to move them outside.

The plastic is now on the hoop house and I couldn’t be happier with it.  It was really easy to put up. 

Hoop House

I cut up some pieces of leftover PEX tubing and made some clip-type things to hold the plastic to the frame.    Easy-peasy to put up, easy-peasy to open up on hot days…

Hoop House Clip

On a really windy day like today, it was nice to have the young plants protected by just leaving the ends open.  When it’s really nice out, the whole plastic covering just rolls up off the frame.

Hoop House

The only seeds that haven’t come up yet are my watermelon and pumpkins.  I even re-planted new seeds and still nothing    I’m going to plant the whole package of each this week and hope I can get something started.  Other than that, everything else looks like they are going to be OK.

I am definitely disappointed in the peas and lettuce I planted in the ground last week – especially after the stuff I planted inside came up after only three days.  The peas are just starting to come up and I haven’t seen any sign of the lettuce at all.  They are  supposed to be cold weather crops, so I expected them to have a better showing than they are…


And as long as the fence works to keep the rabbits and deer out of the garden, I’m anticipating strawberries this year – yum! 

Strawberry Flower


I never made it to the Compost Facility on Saturday – too much going on – but they are supposed to be open late on Wednesdays, so I’m going to try and get there before they close then…


Busy Bee Suz said...

That little plastic tent looks great. Good job!!
I hope you have luck with all your little green babies...
It is already getting so hot here that my plants are starting to puke out. Ugghhhh.

Unknown said...

Looks like you'll have plenty of things to mix with your eggs...

Good job on the hoop house!

(I dreamt of your chickens and their eggs last night... oddddddd)

Jill said...

@ Suz - I'm jealous that you've already gotten harvests from your garden... I've got a long way to go before I'll be picking anything!

@ Stephanie - I told The Ladies that they were the subject of your dream and they said that they are such great chickens, who *doesn't* dream about them?

They are so full of themselves, aren't they? :P