Thursday, May 13, 2010

This ‘n That Thursday

Man.  The past bunch of days have seemed to be perpetual non-stop sea of motion for me.  A communion party, a couple of appointments, Mother’s Day and committee meetings plus the work from the committee meetings - the days have been flying by like a blink of an eye!  I am so far behind in my TV and blogs it isn’t even funny.  And I really need to go grocery shopping… and get to sleep a bit earlier.


  • I mentioned earlier that I had volunteered to be on a town committee.  Progress is being made and the project will hopefully come to fruition shortly.  I don’t want to jinx anything (I’m superstitious like that!), so I won’t give any details until I know everything is in place.  I’m learning a lot about politics and stuff that goes on behind the scenes, which isn’t always what you think it would be, but the project is kind of exciting 


  • I broke down and entered the 21rst century and got myself an mp3 player.  I got it for £22.50 (about $34.00 USD) off of EBay.  That was the first time I’ve bought something off of EBay using foreign currency – it was weird because of the whole ‘Am-I-really-sure-about-what-I’m-spending?’ thing, but it was all good.  The unit is kind of neat – along with playing music, it can take pictures and movies and can let me read Ebooks. The movie thing is neat.  The quality isn’t the best, but good enough for me – and now I can now upload movies to YouTube.  Like this one of The Ladies (Banana, Cocoa and Pumpkin) enjoying a nice dust bath (they don’t seem to care too much about kicking dirt in each other’s faces!):


  • I have a shed-thing out back that I use for storage.  Last year I had a robin’s nest in it – this year I have two!  They are built pretty much right over where I keep The Ladies’ feed, so every time I go out there, the robin missus’ get all upset.  I’ve learned that if I announce that I am coming instead of just walking in, the stress of the birds seem to be a lot less.  So if you happen to be near my house and see me walking through my yard saying in a not-too-quiet voice “Cheep!  Cheep-cheep!”, that’s just me letting Mrs. and Mrs. Robin know I’m around  rolleyes  I really wish I could get the outdoor webcam I bought working – I would love to have one of these nests online.  The webcam itself works fine, I just can’t get it to broadcast over the internet.  I don’t know why – I had the other one figured out when I had my Baby Chick Cam working  hmm


Nest #1         Nest #2


  • My sister called me today all excited: the light bulb may have clicked on for my nephew - he used the potty all by himself for the the first time  dance2 Here’s hoping that he got it!!  laughing


Busy Bee Suz said...

You have been busy!!!
Love seeing the 'girls' cute.
I love that you also talk to the wildlife outside....I find myself speaking to birds, lizards, snakes and the like...luckily, no one is close enough to hear me!!!
I love Ebay.
Enjoy your weekend!!!

Unknown said...

at first your girls looked like cats!
But I know better.

Jill said...

@ Suz - I think more people talk to animals than they like to admit!

@ Stephanie - The Ladies were taken aback when I told them what you wrote... but then they said that you must have been thinking of some very pretty cats :P