Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Morning Along the Erie Canal

I like Geocaching.  I used to go a lot, but I just haven’t had the time in a quite a while.  I did get out on a semi-hunt yesterday, when I went to check on a friend’s cache that had a few DNFs (Did Not Finds) posted.  The cache was fine – part of it is just very tricky to find.  Anyway, I enjoyed a nice morning along the Erie Canal while checking on all the parts.  Sometimes it’s easy to forget what a treasure we have in our own backyard…

Canal Path


Morning Glory


Wild Roses?  




A Busy Bee!


Bird's Foot Trefoil


Mmmmm!  Cherries!


Like a Postcard!


Not sure what these are...


Dame's Rockets


I don't know butterflies...


...but he is pretty!


The Erie Canal


Mmmm! Raspberries Coming!


Cool fungus


I wanted to sit under that tree...


Nic said...

I've not heard of geocaching! I looked it up and have to say it sounds something like my kids would really enjoy! Thanks for the referral - there are a few nearby us and I'm sure we'll be out hunting this weekend!

Jill said...

Hi Nic - If you need any advice/tips/etc. about geocaching let me know... It really is a lot of fun - for any age!

Nic said...

Well we're signed up and ready to go this weekend - the kids are very excited! There's one in the High Street where I work which I find incredible! I'll let you know how we get on!

Nic said...

Did first two caches today - I have to say it was quite fun! Got a travel bug from both too! This is good news because our twins now have one each to put in other caches when we go out this weekend. Thanks for the intro to something I think may come to be quite addictive!

Jill said...

Geocaching is definitely addicting! I'm glad you are having fun with it - you'll see how many caches you've gone by every day and never realized they were there :)

My favorite part of geocaching are the caches that take me to cool places right in my own area that I didn't know existed.

Maybe we'll run into each each other at a cache sometime - Happy caching!

Nic said...

You never know, though being London-based I think you'd be more likely to meet one of my Travel Bugs (yes, we've just bought our first 5 and the kids are very excited!). Bagged my 20th today and have already started neglecting my blog as a result.

Jill said...

I want to visit England someday, so hey - you never know! :P

I'm really glad to hear that you guys are enjoying geocaching so much - cool beans on 20 finds already!

Travel bugs are a lot of fun. I had a TB race with a geocaching friend from California - she sent a TB to me in New York and I sent her one to California. The race was to see whose TB got to their destination first. It was a lot of fun watching their travels.

I have TB out now that was supposed to go to King's Cross Station 9-3/4... it was *this* close to London and then someone took it to Germany instead ~sigh~ At the end of May it made it's way to Croatia. The TB isn't getting closer to it's goal, but it sure is racking up a lot of miles!

Can I ask what your geocaching name is? (If you don't want to share, it's OK!). I'm Gryffindor1 - and yes, I'm a Harry Potter fan :P