Friday, March 5, 2010

Super Ginormous

Every once in a while (as I’ve mentioned before) one of my ladies will lay a really huge egg.  This week I got the monster of monster eggs – I have no idea how such a big egg could possibly come out of one of my chickens  blink

Here is the ginormous egg I shared last time:

Egg Comparison      Original Monster Egg


This is the one I got this week:

The tape measure doesn't lie    That's one really huge egg!


This one is over 1/2-inch bigger than the last Monster Egg!

The color of it makes me think that either Banana or Nugget laid it.

All I can say is “Wow!”  laughing   And “Yum!”  Fried Eggs



Unknown said...

and have you figured out just what to do with your egg surplus?

Jill said...

Pretty much what I haven't been using I've been giving away - at least they aren't going to waste!

I had one lady make noodles for me from the eggs I gave her. I have a pan of lasagna in the oven right now made with the noodles she made :)