Thursday, March 18, 2010

This ‘n That Thursday

  • Six!  It’s official – all of my chickens are laying eggs now… today was the first time I collected six eggs in the nesting box.  chicken


  • Has anyone heard any of the speak that Blogger will not be supporting some blogs as of March 26th?  I saw a few blurbs mentioning it here, here and here, but I have no idea if any of what they say applies to me.  Not that my blog is anything earth-shattering, but it’s mine and I’d really hate to lose it.  It’s fun going back and seeing how things have changed over the couple of years since I started.  Being uncertain of what’s going to happen, I made a blog over at WordPress and copied everything there – as a kind of backup.  I haven’t done anything to make it pretty over there, but I don’t really plan on using that site for anything except as a backup.  At least for now.  Maybe someday when I am bored, I’ll work on that site – but I don’t really expect any traffic over there, so I’m not too worried about it.  Unless something happens to my Blogger account…



  • I got my Census questionnaire  in the mail yesterday - a week after I got my notice from the Census Bureau telling me that they will be sending me a Census questionnaire.  What a waste of taxpayer dollars.  I guess if you don’t want someone knocking on your door, you’d better send it in…


  • This weekend is the first Maple Weekend!  There is nothing better on pancakes or French toast than real maple syrup.  Not to mention maple candy – YUM!  Support the local Maple producers and visit a farm or two this weekend or next… the weather is supposed to be good Saturday  


  • And speaking of trees, did you know that thirsty trees make noise?  I’ve heard of plants screaming before, but never this  laughing


Unknown said...

nice to hear that someone else was outraged (is that the right word, because it feels like it should be) about that whole "expect a census" letter.
Our friend said he's going to send a weekly letter to the government stating that they should expect his completed census soon.

And now that you have SIX chicks a laying (fiivvveeee, golden ringssssss....) sounds like you need a subscription to "Chicken Eggs Monthly"

Jill said...

I am *totally* outraged at the waste of money for that stupid letter... if that letter went out to every household in the U.S., I don't even want to know how much it cost to send out - when you add up the paper, printing, envelopes, postage and manpower to get them ready to send out - Ugh.

I *love* your friends idea! I couldn't stop laughing at that :D

I'm going to try freezing a few eggs and see if I can taste any difference after thawing them out. Thanks for the articles :)

Becky said...

About blogger/blogspot - I have no idea if I'm using FTP. Guess I'll find out real soon.

Unknown said...

Did you get your "don't forget to send in your census!" post card yet?!

I think I set it on fire with my rage.

Jill said...

@ Becky - You'd think that Blogger would be giving out a bit more information so we would all know for sure exactly what's going on and how we can tell if we are effected or not... I sure hope your blog isn't going anywhere - I look forward to it every day!

@ Stephanie - Yeah, I got mine yesterday... what a waste of $$$ - Grrrrrrr! (Maybe I'll send the Census Bureau a postcard too, telling them that they should have received my completed census by now :P )