Thursday, March 25, 2010

This ‘n That Thursday

  • So Tuesday evening I sent an email to my antivirus company, AVG, asking for help figuring out why it was blocking my blog…  When I got home Wednesday, I was very happy to see a reply from them (sent at noon!) informing me that they had fixed the problem.  How great is that?  That was the first time I ever had a problem with my AVG Antivirus and Internet Security software and I couldn’t be happier with how quickly it was handled and resolved.  What a difference from Norton or McAfee – I always had issues when I was using either of those programs.  I’ve been using AVG for over five years now and plan to keep on using it – way to go guys! 



  • Looking at the calendar, the second-most expensive time of year (after Christmas, of course) is coming up…   Over the next bunch of weeks I have three birthdays coming along with a Communion party.  I really need to find a decent paying job 



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