Saturday, October 20, 2007

Birthday Pie

Today we celebrated my Dad's birthday. I was in charge of making the cake this year. I decided to break tradition, and instead of a birthday cake, I made a birthday pie. A friend of mine had given me a recipe for a chocolate pie that she swore was the best thing on the face of the earth. Contrary to the rest of the world, I am not a huge chocolate lover... However, being the nice person that I am, I thought I would make the pie and give everyone else a chocolate rush. It didn't turn out too bad - everyone seemed to like it. It was way too rich for me, tho'. And I found out that my brother-in-law doesn't like nuts in his food. He likes nuts by themselves, just not mixed into any food (but he still ate the pie!). I guess you learn something new every day...

Today was the first day the whole family has been together since my sister's baby was born. It was fun to see my Mom and Dad with their new grandson. Especially my Dad. All us kids are all grown up, so it was kind of funny seeing him hold a little baby. My sister wanted to find pictures of herself when she was a baby so she could compare what she looked like to her baby. My Mom dragged out all the old pictures. And when I say "all", we are talking about a literal mountain of photographs. We all had a lot of fun looking at them all...
It's a shame that a lot of them weren't labeled. We never did find my sister's baby-hospital picture. My Mom's mission this week is to find it or else my sister will be scarred for the rest of her life :)

I finally got around to watching Thursday's episode of Survivor. This season has been really disappointing so far. With all the hype they were giving the show pre-season about it taking place in China, I really thought the we would have seen a lot more of stuff about China. From my point-of-view, this season wouldn't be any different than if it was filmed in Borneo or Panama. I've watched Survivor from the very beginning and I think that they really need to come up with something to freshen up the show. It's been getting stale for a while now. I thought this season would have been different, but it's not. I can't wait until the new season of The Amazing Race.

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