Monday, October 1, 2007


Well, the first day of training was very long and drawn out. I suppose that is normal at a new job... I just hope it gets more exciting.

Now that I won't be driving a lot because of work, I kind of figured that I wouldn't see so many stupid drivers... You know, that whole decrease-of-odds because I'm not on the road so much? Not. And it always seems like it's the really sloooooooooow people that are always in front of me. And I can never get around them for one reason or another.

Did you ever notice those 35 mph signs they always have on the off-ramps coming off the thruway? The signs that no one ever pays any attention to? The guy I got stuck behind today coming home actually. slowed. down. to the 35 mph on the ramp. Do you know how slow 35 mph is coming off the thruway? Why do these people always seem to find their way in front of me???


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