Wednesday, October 10, 2007


When I was a kid, I loved getting mail. Mail was always fun - something delivered especially to me. Usually it was just junk mail, and who knows how my name ever got on the mailing lists, but who cared back then? It was fun to open. It made me feel all grown up. Then I did grow up. And took on responsibilities. Which naturally led to bills. Mail wasn't so fun anymore :)

But packages... those are different. Packages always were and still are fun and exciting to receive in the mail (or by UPS or FedEx). You always know what is going to be in the box before you open it, because it's something that you ordered. But that doesn't matter. It's still fun bringing that box into the house and tearing into it. It always makes me feel like it's a holiday even tho' it's not.

What's even better is when I ordered something, and for whatever reason, it doesn't arrive right away. If it wasn't something really important, I totally forget about it. And when it does arrive, my heart just leaps. Who doesn't smile when they find an unexpected package on their doorstep?

Today it was almost like Christmas for me. I had one package that arrived waaay earlier than I had expected it and a second package that I had totally forgot I had coming. Two packages in one day! If I had it in me, I would have gone out and bought a lottery ticket :)

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