Friday, October 26, 2007


Today was a pretty stressful day at work for me. My brain just stopped absorbing anything. It's a scary feeling not being able to keep up. Especially when you compound that with the fact that we were being prepared for another stage of our training on Monday... Frustrated is an understatement. I hate feeling that way. I know everything will be OK in the long run, but the bumps along the way just aren't fun. Not fun at all.

On a less stressful note... This morning I was working a bit on cleaning up my garden for the winter. Between my back being hurt and the whole job change, I haven't been giving it all the attention that I would have liked to. I didn't even get any broccoli or cauliflower this year because I didn't have the chance tie them up - they both ended up going to seed :(

I am already excited about my garden for next year. I've started to plan what I'm going to plant and where it's all going to go. Chances are I'll change my mind at least a hundred times before next spring, but that's OK. I'm excited about the fact that I should have the time and energy to have the best garden I've had yet.

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