Friday, October 5, 2007

Long Weekend!

Wahoo! This is going to be the first long weekend I can remember having in at least twenty years. Except for when I was on vacation, but that doesn't count. I've always had to work holidays. Except Christmas day.

And the weather we are having lately is unbelievable... here it is October already, and I think that they said it got up to 86 degrees today. That's crazy!

I have a lot of projects I would love to get done around the house over the next three days, but I don't know how much I will actually accomplish. I guess I'll just worry about tomorrow first. The one thing I'm excited about doing tomorrow is partaking in the 2007 Tour of Solar Homes and Green Buildings. I won't be visiting all the places, but there are a few that I am especially interested in.

A long weekend... It still doesn't seem real yet!

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