Saturday, October 13, 2007


I spent part of my day today at a friend's house. I've known Cindy since high school, and I met her husband when they were dating. It seems like eons ago. Anyway, today we were celebrating their son's seventh birthday. I always feel warm and fuzzy inside when I get invited to their family events. Cindy and Jeff have a pretty big family. When they have events, there are always a ton of people there. The whole family is really nice and I always have fun visiting with them. Over the years, they have kind of become a second family to me.

My own family is small, so our events were never big affairs. We always (well, usually :P ) have fun, but there just isn't a lot of us. There is something different about attending a birthday party or a family reunion or any other gathering when there are a ton of bodies around. There is always someone different to talk to. You can choose any of a million different subjects to discuss - with all those people around there is bound to be someone who saw the same thing you did on TV or read the same article. Catching up on things since the last time you saw each other is a little more complicated, but still fun and entertaining.

On the other hand, there is a lot to be said for the intimate get-togethers of a small family. There are a lot more inside jokes and the relaxation that goes along with familiarity. And a lot less dishes to wash.

I wonder sometimes how I ever got to be so lucky to have two families.

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